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RemoteHealth Tech is an ambitious digital health software company focused on improving clinical outcomes of global populations via a series of remote monitoring software services.

Utilising wearable and portable technology our aim is to facilitate preventative monitoring of abnormal heart rhythm conditions. In the process we plan to build a data and IP rich digital health leader.

RHT's team of clinical and technical specialists have the skills to achieve our aims across electrophysiology, acute and general medical practice, ECG data analysis, complex algorithm development, mobile applications and software development.

To deliver our services RHT works in partnership with a range of commercial, technical, manufacturing, health organisation, clinical and academic groups across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.


Our initiatives include:

•  Our own bespoke remote monitoring software services from continuous monitoring of Atrial Fibrillation - a common cause of stroke with debilitating impact on global populations and financial burden to health care systems - to a series of diagnostic tools covering AF and more complex heart rhythm conditions.

•  Collaboration with other digital health groups on novel initiatives aimed at improving global health outcomes.

•  Collaborative activities ranging from software upgrade and integration services with hardware manufacturers to Tomorrow's World future scoping.


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